Hi. My name is Pam Brechlin and I have a love obsession with food. ┬á­čÖé

As a child I always remember my mother as the best cook. Eating at friends houses was never the same as eating at home. She made a home cooked meal just about every night. My siblings and I were also privy to going out to eat with my parents. Usually it was a special restaurant for a birthday celebration. My parents also held lots of dinner parties and just parties in general. I remember having many holiday dinners with relatives, adult holiday parties like New Years Eve, and even some special parties like a casino night (in my house).

As I got a little older, my mother started a business and needed a little bit of help with dinner. I started to learn to cook dinners. I must have done it like 1 night a week. Funny enough, I remember learning to make lasagna as one of the first things. Maybe it was not that way, but that kind of sticks in my mind.

And as I got older and went away to college and beyond, I found myself doing a lot of cooking as well as calling my mother to get advice to cooking issues and her recipes as well.

In college we had group Chinese dinners that we cooked by ourselves in our own Woks. At that time, Chinese food was my favorite. Now I love all types of ethnic foods including, Japanese, Vietnamese, Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Greek, etc. You name it I have tried it or will shortly after learning about it. I also love good old comfort foods.

On this blog, I plan to share lots of the recipes I try and give my opinion. Not, these will not be my own recipes, but they may be modified to make them my own. I will also share some information about restaurants I go out to, because I LOVE going out to dinner. I will share about the restaurant as well as what I got to eat.

If you have some favorites you would like to share with the readers, please let me know. I would be happy to have you create a post for your recipe.

Thanks for reading!